Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't Forget to Stock Your Senna Tea, Pregnant Mamas!

Tea Senna
Tea Senna (Photo credit: dinesh_valke)
I don't think I had ever heard about what a big deal it is for a woman to have her first bowel movement after having given Birth, until a few months before I had my first child.


I ended up with a 3 1/2 degree tear and a deep fear of  "my first time." I greedily popped every laxative I was given and mentally tried to prepare myself.


My Mama had kindly paid for a Post-Partum Doula to come to the Ronald McDonald House (where we were staying while Nye-Nye was in the NICU). Besides being a Post-Partum Doula, she was a Massage Therapist and knew quite a bit about Herbs. We chatted about Herbs and then she presented me with some Senna Tea.

Senna is a natural laxative and is a perfect tea for brand-new Mamas to drink those first couple of days Post-Partum.

It is NOT recommended during Pregnancy. You should talk to your Doctor before drinking Senna Tea for longer than a week. (I think I drank it religiously for about 4, maybe 5 days tops).

Traditional Medicine makes a lovely Senna Tea blend called "Smooth Chocolate Move" which actually has a very pleasant taste (ingredients also include: roasted Breadnut seed, Organic licorice root, Cocoa seed dry extract and roasted Organic carob pod).

I am happy to report that between the Senna Tea and the laxatives I was given - it didn't end up being as dreadful as I imagined. If you are pregnant, I would certainly recommend having some Senna Tea on hand, waiting for you. I already have mine ready. Good-luck! Wishing you a relaxed and easy "first-time."

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