Monday, April 1, 2013

Nye-Nye's 2nd Birthday Party with an Easter Twist

Surrounded by lots of Love and lots of Family (and a little bit of rain), my daughter celebrated her 2nd Birthday. It was simple and sweet (although not without some anxiety before-hand).
We decided to combine the two events because of scheduling issues, which meant my Mama hosted the largest Easter Celebration she had ever hosted (37 or was it 39 people...of JUST family). We kept hoping for a beautiful day, but dealt with the sprinkling of rain we got.
The kids had their Easter Egg Hunt and we all filled our bellies with a terrific meal (thanks to Papa Bear, my Mama, My Mother-in-law, Neal Uncle, Aunt Mimi and Rita Auntie).
The house felt like it was bursting with Love. I love the video I shot of all the happy, loud chaos. It was a good day. I am so grateful.









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