Friday, April 26, 2013

My Birthing Necklace


Flash-back to my first Pregnancy. Before our co-ed, boozy Baby Shower for 100 people, I had a brief "Mother Blessing" with some special women in my life. I asked each woman to bring a bead to add to the necklace I was planning on wearing during my Labor. My Mother supplied a huge stash of extra beads for those who hadn't brought one.

We went around the circle and everyone shared why they chose the bead they had chosen and a wish for me during my transition to Motherhood. It was a lovely, simple ceremony that made me feel very supported.

My Mother ended up wearing the necklace during my Labor.

Beginning at age 10 months or so, my daughter became intrigued by this very special necklace. She loved wearing it. Unfortunately, she loved it a bit too much and the strand broke after much handling. I have all the pieces in a bowl waiting to be restrung. (Haven't been able to find a photo of it in it's original state).

I didn't have a Mother Blessing for this pregnancy, but I still wanted to have a Birthing Necklace.

During my first Labor, one visualization that really helped me was inspired by a story my Mother often tells.

When I was 6 years old, I got the Chicken Pox. I still had a few Chicken Pox scabs, when I went back to my ballet class after I had recovered. My Mother was sitting in the waiting room, outside of the dressing room, when she heard another little girl begin to tease me about my scabs. My Mother described how she felt herself morph into Mama Tiger. She literally felt her fangs and claws growing and had to restraint herself from leaping upon my taunter.

This story has always stuck with me. And, so I found myself contemplating it, while in Labor. I visualized myself turning into a powerful Tiger Mama, who would do whatever needed to be done to protect my baby. It gave me strength during my 2 1/2 hours of pushing, when my 9 lb baby insisted on keeping her fist on the side of her face and just wasn't eager to come out.

I love the visualization of a fierce Tiger Mama so much that I decided to make a Birthing Necklace out of Tiger-eye Stones.

Our dear friend, Julie, gifted me money for my Birthday. So, I decided to something special with the money and use it to make a necklace at the Potomac Bead Company in Old Town Alexandria (if you've ever made your own know Bead Stores are NOT cheap).

I'm not familiar with the different meanings or properties of various stones and crystals (which is very big in my husband's religion, Jainism).

I did some research and went to the Potomac Bead Company with a list of stones I wanted to use. They didn't carry everything I wanted, but there were plenty of ones on my list.

Here are the "Stones I chose to use in my Birthing Necklace" and their properties...

1. Tiger-eye (Good Luck and Protection)

2. Black Onyx (defends against Negativity directed at you, release of Grief and Sorrow)

3. Rose Quartz (opens your heart to Positive, Gentle Love and to all the Beauty within, heals emotional wounds)

4. Rutilated Quartz (Openness, gets Energy moving)

5. Black crystals (picked these as filler between the other Stones)

It's not necessarily the most beautiful necklace I have ever made, but I am excited to wear it! And, it give it to this daughter as a heirloom when she is old enough.

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