Saturday, April 20, 2013

39 Week Update


Last time around, I was pregnant for THREE MORE WEEKS. I don't think that will be happening again. I am trying to savor these last few days, weeks. I only want to have two children and so, as long as things go well, this will be my last pregnancy.
One of my intentions this pregnancy was taking more Belly Shots. It might be self-absorbed taking tons of photos, but I've wanted to celebrate my changing body and the miracle of growing another human being. Here I am at 37 weeks and 6 days, enjoying the Sunshine and Warm Weather.
I seemed to have misplaced the battery charger for my camera, so I haven't been able to take any photos this past week. I finally bit the bullet and ordered another one. It's been driving me crazy not having a working camera right now. Grrrrrr....
At my 39th Week Pre-natal Appointment everything looked good. My blood pressure remains low. I gained 1 lb during the past week, putting my total weight gain at 32 lbs (as opposed to 38 lbs at this time during my last pregnancy). No swelling in my feet or hands (yay....Compression Socks). Baby's heart-beat is right on target. My Midwife estimated her weight to be at around 7 1/2 lbs.


I have been having a ton of "Braxton-Hicks Contractions" for the last 5-6 weeks. It's been making the tail-end of this pregnancy much more uncomfortable than the last one. I jumped through numerous hoops to actually get my first Labor started (Evening Primrose Oil at 40 weeks, Acupuncture, Castor Oil, having my membranes stripped twice, two attempts at breaking my waters)...I don't think that it's going to be an issue this time.

I've been taking lots of warm baths, drinking lots of Hot Toddies and Red Raspberry Leaf/ Nettle Tea and taking Lobelia and Wild Yam to calm my irritable uterus (or cranky uterus, as my Sister called it).

I know a lot of brain development occurs during the last few weeks of pregnancy, so I would like to make it until I was 40 weeks. Of course, the baby will decide when she wants to come.

Every nap I take with my daughter, makes me smile and cuddle just a little longer with her. It's so strange to think that it won't just be her and I during the day much longer.

I feel a little guilty that I haven't been walking as much as I did during my first time. But, this baby's head was down much earlier and I've been feeling A LOT of pressure for a while, now. Walking for 2 miles a day is just too damn uncomfortable. I have been enjoying a Pregnancy Belly-Dancing DVD that helps make my sore body feel better.

Things I've made during the past two weeks: some more Birth Art, a large container of Nipple Cream, a blend of Belly-Binding Herbal Paste, two quarts of Red Raspberry and Nettle Tea for Labor, homemade Chicken and Barley Soup, and another batch of Lentil and Black Bean Soup.

I finished stringing my tiger-eye Birthing Necklace. I visited GW's 5th Trimester Wellness Clinic to talk about the mild Depression I've been experiencing (more on the Clinic later). Papa Bear and I FINALLY had our Belly Cast Date. I did a horrible job hand-sewing a sheet for the cradle (at least one is finished).

The Butterfly Mobile I've been working on is also finished. I'm not happy with it; it didn't turn out the way I envisioned. But, the Butterflies flutter around nicely when the window is open or the fan is on. I think the baby will be intrigued.

I sent out information for our Meal Train. We'll see how that works out.

My Mama came for a brief visit (and to pick up my child for the Week-end) and she hung my two driftwood shelves, as well as my husband and my Wedding Certificate. The house is feeling more like a little Nest.

I've been preparing my body for Labor by taking "Evening Primrose Oil" three times a day orally and once before bed-time as a vaginal suppository. Also, eating way more than 6 Dates a day (they are so amazingly good).

Things I still have to do: sew my Belly-Binder, figure out a plan for my Placenta, fill out more of my Pregnancy Journal, order Birth Announcements (and fill out addresses now), finish re-potting my container plants, make a Compost Bin out of pallets, pick up all the books I ordered from the library (for my Cocoon Time), finish listening to my last Cocoon Time audio-class, work more on transforming the Back-yard into an interesting Play-scape for Nye-Nye and finish embroidering some of the New Baby's clothes. Oh, yeah...and solidify the top Contenders for the New Baby's Name.

If none of this gets done, it's fine (except the name part). It's just nice to have a list of things to do to keep myself occupied during this Waiting Time. Enjoy your Week-end!!!

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  1. Hi again CMM,WOW,just when I thought I had seen the very best you had to offer,I find your 39 weeks belly pics and they're even better than the 41!!! I say that because in your 41 week pic you can't see your outie bellybutton so I had no idea that you had an outie until I looked at your 39 week pics and got a really nice view of it in the second pic down.I hope I didn't embarrass and/or offend you by saying that and I'm truly sorry if I did,but I can't help it,for I just LOVE outie bellybuttons poking out of pregnant bellies!!!!!!!!!!!!


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