Saturday, March 30, 2013

Compression Socks Update


When I went to my Midwives at my 26 week appointment, I mentioned that my legs were aching a bit and that I was planning on getting another pair of Compression Socks. I told her how I had used my Grand-father's knee-high socks during my first pregnancy.

Nora advised me against wearing a pair of knee-high Compression Socks and said that I should get a pair of thigh-highs instead.

She explained that knee-highs were more likely to actually CAUSE blot-clots because they ended at the part of the leg where pregnant women have the most issues with blot clots.

Whoops. (I had mentioned that I was wearing Compression Socks to one of my Midwives during my first pregnancy, but she didn't say anything about the importance of wearing thigh-high ones).

Nora gave me a prescription for thigh-highs that were 20-30 mmHg and the name of a pharmacy in DC who specialize in Compression Socks.

The folks at family-owned Foer's Pharmacy were terrific (they have two locations in D.C. and two locations in Bethesda).

They even have a Compression Specialist who measured my legs to get a correct fit. My husband flipped out at the hefty price-tag of $110. But as someone who has already acquired several spider-veins, I was concerned about how serious and painful vein disease can be, especially as I age.

One of the main factors contributing to vein disease is pregnancy and even though varicose veins may disappear after you give birth, permanent damage to your veins has already been done.

I figured $110 was worth it, if it meant preventing all that jazz. Plus, I wanted to minimize any ankle or foot swelling.

Good Compression Socks last for 8 months, so they can be worn several months Post-Partum. You wash them every night with Baby Shampoo and they are ready to wear in the morning. (Great for people like me who hate socks and am always scrambling to find a matching pair).

Some nights I'm too tired to wash them and I will wear them again and they are fine. But, I have found that if I haven't washed them in 2 or 3 days, they itch like mad when I wear them. So, be warned.

It's funny because you are given a special pair of gloves to wear while put your Compression Socks on and off. The gloves look like heavy-duty gloves you wear to wash dishes, but they're important because they prevent any snagging. Foer's has a warranty that lasts for the first month, if you do end up with any snags.

I was a little concerned about how they would feel. I have been wearing them now for almost 10 weeks. Honestly, they are NOT super comfortable, especially when they start to creep down my thighs. I find I have to adjust them once or twice a day to keep them very high on my thighs. I am always aware that they are on my legs. They also aren't easy to put on (especially when your belly is getting bigger and bigger every week).

But, I notice a really big difference between the days I wear them and those days I'm too lazy to put them on. My legs don't feel tired and I have no swelling when I wear them. And no more leg pain! I am very happy with my pair.

I was surprised to learn that EVERYONE at Foer's were wearing a pair, even though none of them were pregnant or over the age of 65. Everyone agreed that their legs felt so much better at the end of the day (especially on days they were on their feet constantly). I'll see if I'm motivated enough to buy another pair after this one wears out.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on my Compression Sock Saga and re-iterate how important I think it is to wear a pair while you are pregnant. Especially, if you have a family history of vein disease, am starting to have issues with swelling, are beginning to experience leg cramps, and/or am on your feet constantly or inversely sitting down all day long at a desk. I think they are worth every penny. That's my two cents. Hope this helps!

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