Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Progress on the New Baby's Bedroom

I started working on the New Baby's Bedroom this weekend. Because we live in a rental house, the blue paint on the wall is staying. I found some pretty fabric called "Midnight Twig" that has several shades of blue in it and looks decent with the wall paint. Theme of the room...trees or more specifically, branches.
I am FINALLY getting to try out the whole "painting a fabric chair" thing. I'm using a $3 chair, I bought at an auction. If it's a failure, no loss...I'll just get a slip-cover. Almost finished with the first coat of paint...I'm guessing I will need to do at least 3, probably 4 coats of paint.
The first Collaborative Painting I did with my child has been getting some more love. I am starting to like it more (maybe I'll even it get to the point of liking it as much as the Second Collaborative Painting with My Toddler). I think it's almost finished.
What kind of mobile am I putting above the cradle? take a wild guess? guessed it, one made of a branch. I just have to find the perfect branch. On Saturday, I drew, cut out and painted the butterflies that will be fluttering below the branch. Hopefully, I won't need to make anymore. They were very time-consuming (especially the cutting out part). Very sweet, but very tedious.
On Sunday, Papa Bear took our kiddo over to see her Dada and Dadi, so I could have some time to myself and get some work done.
I spent two glorious hours walking along the Potomac River. All I could hear was the sound of the tiny waves lapping up on the very tiny beach. I sat on a log in the sunshine. I searched for interesting rocks and shells. I picked up some amazing driftwood. It was the best therapy, ever.
And, now I have a perfect piece of driftwood to turn into a shelf in the New Baby's Bedroom. Can't wait to see how it turns out!




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