Friday, November 9, 2012

We Survived My Daughter's First Auction

On Sunday, my daughter went to her first Auction. My Mama had gotten some news in the morning that a friend in his nineties had died. She started beating herself up for not having called him back recently, so I agreed to go to the "Emmitsburg Auction" and help distract her.

We didn't exactly start off on a great note. As soon as we pulled up to the Auction, Nye-Nye threw up. Thankfully, I had an extra pair of clothes....but no extra coat. Even after a fierce scrubbing, her coat still smelled like vomit the entire afternoon.

Taking a toddler to a place where there is tons of breakable things within reach was NOT the easiest thing to do. There was a huge section of matching dishes displayed inside. Needless to say, I carried her quickly through the interior space to outside where there more space to run around. She was definitely the only child under the age of 5 at the Auction. If you plan on taking a toddler to an Auction, I definitely DON'T recommend going by yourself.

Nye-Nye and I slowly meandered through all the aisles, eventually giving most things (especially the furniture) a once over. There was tons of junk...but I pointed out the pieces I liked to my Mama and gave her a limit on how high I wanted to go.

Nye-Nye and I were both cranky after an hour, so we headed to the car and let my Mama try her luck. She came back an hour and 1/2 later with lots of goodies.
The first photo is of the child's tool bench Nye-Nye decided makes an excellent perch. I think my Mama paid $3 for it.
My favorite item is the giant Persian rug bought for $25. It's in amazing shape and is going to look lovely in our new Living Room. Can you believe the size of this rug?
I am also excited about the mirror side-table I found. I've been spying similar pieces on different design blogs for hundreds of dollars. How much did I pay? $18. There is a minor issue of having to replace one piece of glass. The photo was taken after my Step-father had patiently removed the cracked piece. Even with the cost of replacing the damaged mirror, it's still a steal.

 I'm probably going to cover the ottoman with a different pattern...but that project will wait until after our move and after the Holidays. If I can't clean the chair sufficiently, I going to attempt to re-upholster it. For $20, I couldn't pass it up.
I bought a few more items but didn't get any photos of them. All-in-all it was a very successful Adventure. Stressful for me. But....totally worth it.


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