Sunday, November 11, 2012

Keeping Busy Before, During and After Hurricane Sandy

The Day Before Sandy. Bringing in the newspaper during her morning ritual with Papa.

During Sandy. Making noodles for Slippery Chicken Pot-Pie with Ra-Ra and Aunt Mimi.

During Sandy. So much fun rolling out the dough.

During Sandy. Helping Ra-Ra with her Holiday Clove Ball.

After Sandy. Making Elderberry Syrup.
After Sandy. Driving around the area, assessing the damage. Thankfully, not as much as there could have been if the Hurricane had moved slower through our area.

After Sandy. Getting some much needed fresh air.

After Sandy. Who can resist a giant pile of sawdust? Not Nye-Nye. She had loads of fun exploring Papa's Cabinet-shop.

After Sandy. Helping Ra-Ra again on this Never-Ending project.
After Sandy. Getting a good look at all the fields. Thankfully, Papa got in all the soybeans before Sandy arrived.

After Sandy. A much deserved nap.

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