Thursday, April 25, 2013

Treating Minor Burns with Honey. A Simple Home Remedy.


I was a little bit careless when I was making a batch of Carrot and Ginger Soup, a few weeks ago. When I threw it some onions into the stock pot, they hit the oil and exploded back out. Luckily, I just a few small minor burns (above is a picture of the one looks like a little heart).

I grew up being taught to put Aloe on minor burns and so I ran over to my Aloe plant and tore off a bit (my Grand-father who was a medical Doctor always reminded us of the importance of having an Aloe plant in your house).

The aloe helped a bit, but it was still painful. Then, I remembered about how, according to Webmd"honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties".

I slathered on some honey to my wrist and it immediately felt better. It didn't hurt again.

I let it air dry and soak up into my skin.

It was messy and annoying to have to be careful with my hand for the rest of the Evening. (My husband was irritated when I got him a little sticky...he was convinced that ants were to attack him in bed in the middle of night). But, it was definitely worth the annoyance.

It has healed very nicely. I found this Study on how "honeys from different geographical areas have considerable therapeutic effects on chronic wounds, ulcers, and burns" to be very interesting. Another reason why I always like to have some honey stocked in my house.

Have you ever used honey to treat any burns?

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