Friday, April 12, 2013

Simplicity. Throw Out the Baby Bath-tub and Take a Bath with Your Babe

One of my few luxuries during the first few months of becoming a Mother (the first time around) was soaking in our bath-tub. I'd take a book, shut the door and have a baby-free hour. When I was satisfied and looked like a prune, I'd call in my husband and he'd bring in the baby. He would put her in the bath-tub with me and we would soap her up.
It was easy breezy. No bending over a big tub, no having to empty or store a baby bath-tub, no having to do the dishes in order to clean the baby! Some of my sweetest memories from her first months are from our bath time. I highly recommend it!

The photo is one I took of my mother's bathroom. I adore claw-foot bath tubs, aren't they amazing?

1 comment:

  1. But then what does the Dad have to do? Can't feed, can't bath...... and what about old Gramma????? Aren't I good for something besides changing the diaper?
    love RahRah


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