Friday, April 6, 2012

The Birthing Month Round-up

I've moved on to writing about Simplicity already. But, I thought I should do a basic round-up of what I shared about Birthing (and Creating) last Month.

I wrote about....

a local place to check out New Mama and New Baby animals   (and maybe even check out a live birth!)

breathing new life into an old sofa

a gorgeous compost bin (to help you bring forth more productive gardens)

a helpful book when beginning new relationships (or deepening established relationships)

birthing a closer marriage (through Caring Behaviors)

a Birthday Cupcake recipe (bananas are healthy, right?)

an awesome writing class for Mamas (it's online, so you can find the time)

a little help for those have the time to sleep but can't (I'm trying not to be jealous of those with this problem)

a relationship tip that takes 10 minutes and makes all the difference (from our P.A.I.R.S class)

a brief re-telling of my Birth Story through my Husband's lens (I knew I wasn't going to get an entire story out of him, so I just asked a few questions)

should be every woman's friend

for the pregnant Mamas out there (I know a lot of you)

books that kept me company while I was pregnant (I love to read, what can I say?)

10 Assumptions I Made

There she is...My Lovely Round-up. I didn't include all the Catch-Up Letters I posted and some of my Birthday Party posts...I'm sure you are a bit tired of those ones, so I refrained from including those ones.

Wow...these Round-up Posts are fun! It makes me realize that I've kept up my intention to write, write, write. Enjoy!

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