Monday, April 16, 2012

A Sad Face, a Tumbleweed and Some Cough Syrup

The four days of my Weaning Weekend had their highs and lows.


I was away from this face for four days (she's started to dress herself, can you tell?)

I laid in bed for several days with the most intense pain as I tried to convince my breasts to retire from the excellent job they've been doing over the past 12 months (I didn't have any photos of that experience to share, don't worry).


I spent time at my sister's house (my former and very missed abode).

I drunk in the sun while picking Sweet Violets.

I made a bottle of very treasured Violet Cough Syrup for my daughter. ****

I collected some Self-Heal to make a Herbal Salve. ****

I managed to drive around D.C. without getting completely and utterly lost.

And, I FINALLY got to see a "Tumbleweed Tiny House" in person (one more thing I can check off my Bucket List). ****

****More on this Later.

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