Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Simplicity Month....Tiny Arizona Casita

Screens separate kitchen/ living room and bedroom.

One way to simplify your life is to live in a smaller house. Here is a tiny gem of a house that proves that small can still be stylish. It's one of my favorite Tiny House designs. It's 425 square feet of pure WOW.

A steel breakfast bar opens into a full kitchen with downsized appliances. Shelves below the counter/sink offer storage space, with shutters as cabinet doors.

Architect Lila Cohen and designer Teina Manu rehabbed this former shed built in 1914.  The property came with a house which they promptly turned into their office. They turned their creative energies on designing an affordable and green "casita." I think they succeeded.

Through creative design, the bathroom feels downright roomy.

I first read about this home at the Tiny House Blog. Go check out their post on this house, if you are craving more info! This article has more eye candy. I'd love to see more "before" photos, wouldn't you?

Teina Manu designed and built this modern bed frame. The small bedroom also boasts a walk-in closet.

Lila Cohen and Teina Manu's tiny 425-square foot Phoenix home is featured on the 2011 Architects' Own Homes Tour.

****Photos courtesy of Gavin Parsons and

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