Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Simplicity Month....Box Bungalow

I've been a fan of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses  for a while. Recently, Tumbleweed released their lastest line of houses. They are called Box Bungalows and unlike many of the other Tumbleweed Houses, they don't have to be built on a trailer.

All are under 120 square feet (to get past zoning laws that require permits on structures over 120 square feet) and can be purchased as a kit.

I'm digging these "Craftsman-style" houses. From the photos I've seen, the workmanship is quite nice.

This particular house is called the Gifford; a kit starts at $12,000, an assembled house starts at $14,000 and plans can be purchased for $100.  The base prices are a little misleading because they DO NOT include those gorgeous windows ($800-$1,200 a piece...gulp), interior siding or exterior painted siding.

You can customize the lay-out of the house. In this particular one, you enter the kitchen and a closet is on your immediate left, followed by the bathroom. Then you enter the "Great Room." The cozy bedroom is found in the loft.

Living in a home this size requires a lot of "pruning" of stuff. Many people are drawn to these houses because of a desire for a simpler lifestyle. So, since I'm talking about Simplicity this Month, I thought I'd share these photos with you.

I found out about the Gifford through the Tiny House's Blog. You can see the original post here. Check out Jay's tour of the house.

***** Photos courtesy of  the Tiny House Blog

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