Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Simple Hand-washing Station

My Mama is a wizard. She's got magical fingertips when it comes to finding "Neat Old Things". She bought this amazing antique "Child's Hand-washing Station from the 1930's". I spotted it recently in her Attic and asked if we could borrow it for a bit. Lina loves washing her hands ALL BY HERSELF....THANKYOUVERYMUCH. So, this was perfect.

Our kitchen is small and I had to squeeze it into an awkward spot by our entrance door. It works well because her favorite part of this set-up is when I add water by turning on the "drink dispenser" (which has been used at our Wedding, Lina's First Birthday and at many Get-Togethers). I always hold onto the dispenser when I open the spigot....but this time I stepped back for a second to get a photo.

The Hand-washing Station provides much joy in our house-hold right now. I usually throw in the bowl a bar of soap and a wash-cloth. I stand right next to her and am almost always able to prevent the entire bowl from being upended. If not, it just means the kitchen floor gets extra clean! I make sure she is not wearing a lot of clothes during this activity.

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