Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Top Two Mood Boosters This Winter

I am one of those people.

I just want to hibernate when the hours grow short.

I get lethargic and I get sad.

Dark by 5 pm?

Not fun.

I've started doing two things differently and everyday I done them I've notice a big boost in my Mood. And, you know the saying..."When Mama's not happy, nobody is happy." I'm trying really hard not to be a Grumpy Mama this Winter.

Here are my two, simple Mood Boosters...

1. Sitting under a Sunlamp when I eat Breakfast for 20 minutes.

2. A Daily Walk in Nature for at least 15 minutes.

Both are pretty obvious, but sometimes I just forget the obvious.

I am seriously feeling much happier and have more patience with Nye on days, when I make myself do these things. Sometimes it takes a while (when I am busy tending everyone's needs) to get a full 20 minutes under the Sunlamp. But, on days the Sun ISN'T shining, I really notice a boost after having been under the Sunlamp.

Nye is often very cranky when she wakes up for her Nap. It usually takes her a 1/2 hour to perk up. I've started putting her in the Ergo and taking the girls for a Daily Walk, after we wake up from Nap-time. With Nye on my back and Bright Eyes in the stroller, we watch the Sun go down and say hello to all the neighborhood kitties. Way better than letting her zone out to Curious George for a 1/2 hours.

It's amazing how a few simple changes can make your Family Life, so much more enjoyable!

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