Saturday, November 23, 2013

Baby Socks. The Gratitude Month.

One great think about De-cluttering your house?

Finding your favorite pair of Rainbow Baby Socks. My First Born wore them frequently for the first few months of her life. They were knee-socks on her and I melted each time we wore them. I was so sad when she finally over-grew them.

Not surprisingly, I put them in a special place and promptly forgot where I put them. I had given up hope of finding them in time for my Second Born to wear them.

I found them after My Freak-Out about organizing our Home. Amazing how that happens.

Luckily, Anala-Bears has dainty feet for her size. The socks may not be knee-highs on her but they still fit! I smile each time I have put them on her. And my heart is full of Gratitude for my Sweet Peas and their beautiful Baby feet that grow way too fast!

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