Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy 6 Months! Anala.





Dearest Bright Eyes,

That happened fast. Today you turn 6 months old! Where did half a year ago already?

I look at your Sweet Self and I just want to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze you.

You continue to be an absolute Joy. Seriously, kid...thanks for being so easy going (except when you are getting your face REALLY HATE that).

The Big News is that you started crawling a week ago. You don't go very far before you flop down, but you are definitely going. You especially crawl towards things you KNOW Mommy doesn't want you to get. That look of fierce determination on your face is priceless.

You know what also makes me laugh? Watching you attempt to snatch your Sissy's Milky out of her hand.

Milky is her blasted "Lovey" which is actually just an empty bottle she sucks on for comfort. She is still adjusting to sharing her Mommy with you, so Milky hasn't found a new home, yet.

One thing that makes my heart just want to explode is watching the two of you interact.

You both love to cuddle with each other and have started playing together on a very simple level.

A few days ago, your Sissy sat across from you on the floor and threw one of your fabric, squishy balls into your arms. You looked so surprised and then you giggled. You frequently giggle at her antics.

You are also very, very patient about her wanting to touch your face or your ear (much more patient than Mommy and Daddy).

You were an absolute Gem on Halloween Night. Even though you were tired (and it was nearing your Bedtime), you cuddled with Daddy in the Baby Carrier and quietly observed everything.
You are a wonderful Sport about having numerous Costume changes on the days leading up to Halloween and you don't fuss about having a hat on...that's very helpful, thank you.
You continue to be intrigued by watching others eat. You stare open-mouthed every time someone eats something in front of you that you can't eat. I guess sometimes pureed green beans isn't enough.
Your favorite song? Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Your Ra-Ra first sang it to you, during your Colicky Stage. Sometimes, it was the only thing that would stop your crying. You continue to be enchanted by the song and now your Sissy now sings it to you. It's a beautiful song.
Your frequent mannerism of the Month? Feeling your hair. You love to stroke your own hair, especially when you are nursing. I love it.
And, I love you. We all love you. Thanks for being You.
It's an absolute pleasure to be your,
Mommy, Daddy and Big Sissher

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