Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy 5 Months! Anala.


Dearest Bright Eyes,

We are trying to savor this amazing age you are at right now.

Jolly and covered in adorable little rolls, you make us smile every time we look at you. You still have your gummy, toothless smile (even though those first two teeth seem like they will be making an appearance soon). You scoot and roll but aren't terribly deliberate in your movements. But, that is about to change. We are squeezing you tightly every day and enjoying this special time.

You and your Sissy are interacting a bit more together. You adore watching her and she adores hugging and kissing you. A few times a day, she will lay next to you on the floor and the two of you will just stare at each other.

You can sit up by yourself now for 30 seconds to a minute before you do a face-plant. Timberrrrrr!!!

We are all having fun watching your try to crawl.

Oh, the drool! Your teething has stepped into high-gear over the last two weeks. You are just drooling rivers and rivers. And you spend much of your awake time with your fingers jammed deep in your mouth.

You can't stand it when we have to wipe your face (especially your nose). But, beside that you don't seem bothered by much (unless you are tired or hungry). Your even-temperedness helps balance out the rest of the family's fire.

Have I mentioned how much you LOVE chewing on your toes? Who doesn't crack up when seeing a baby chewing on their toes? Irresistible.

You seem very interested in textures right now. You take your nails and scratch different surfaces to hear the different sounds you can make. Does this hint at some musical tendencies? Time will tell...

You eat at least once meal a day of solid food. Boy, do you look forward to that meal! We can never feed you fast enough! Bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, homemade tomato have loved it all.

Thanks for sleeping better at night. You are going 5-6 hours between feedings at night (which is a big help). I try and feed you before I go to bed and then you wake up once more in the middle of the night. Sometimes your grunts and groans wake me up, even though you are in the next room with both doors closed. You are the loudest sleeper in the family. But, you know what? You are a keeper - that's for sure.

We are all crazy, madly in love with our Anala-Bala-Bears.

Your devoted family,

Mommy, Daddy and Big Sissher

P.S. If you were interested here is the letter I wrote to your Sissy when she turned 5 months.

P.P.S. Look how much you have grown! One Month, Two Months, Three Months, and Four Months.

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