Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Movement. Stillness.


The author of one of my all-time favorite books (Momma Zen) was in D.C. this past Weekend. She gave two different workshops at the fantastic Yoga Studio, Lil Omm (a space I had been meaning to check out for quite awhile).

Karen Maezen Miller is a Zen Priest, Mama and Wife. She writes in a warm, engaging style and is just as lovely in person. Her books are always on my bedside table and I have quoted them several times here on my Blog. They have brought me much peace as I stumble along each day.

I went to her workshop on Saturday, where she led everyone through a wonderfully, restorative Yoga class. The class was about the Stillness in Movement. Sunday's class was about Movement in Stillness (at least that is what Lil Omm's write-up said, unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to Sunday's Meditation and Dharma Talk).

I had not know that she had spent many years teaching Yoga (she had never mentioned it in any of her books). I went because I just wanted to have the chance to hear her talk. I didn't expect to be inspired to restart my Yoga practice.

I hate driving in D.C. and got lost (as usual). I ended up being stressed out about making it to the class on time, but my stress soon dissipated within minutes of walking through the door. It was lovely to devote a few hours to myself. Thanks to my Mother, I knew my girls were in good hands and I was able to truly be present during the class.

Karen's reminder, of the importance of breath and especially the exhale, has stayed with my the last few days. I have tried to really remember to take all those helpful deep belly breaths throughout the day.

Even though I had missed my usual hour of napping with the girls, it was amazing how refreshed I felt after the class!

Feeling much Gratitude.

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