Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Month of Letting Go. Riding the Rides.


Friday was a first for our family.

It was the first time that our 2 1/2 year old went on some Carnival Rides.

Eight to be exact.

We went to Fort Belvior's Oktoberfest with some friends who have a 3 year old. The weather was 80 degrees and it felt like a perfect Summer night at the Carnival.

After eating and grabbing some pitchers of beer, we followed our kiddos around as they went from ride to ride.  Luckily, in our group, there was the sweetest older girl who gladly held the hands of our munchkins and got on each and every ride with them.

This meant the first time my daughter EVER got on any rides, she did it without either parent. She's fairly tall for her age and just squeaked by the minimum height requirement.

Did I mention that she is fearless child? Did I mentioned I was anxious about letting my baby go hurling through the air in some small open-air contraption?

But, Motherhood is all about letting go.

I just shut my mouth and waved every time she rode by.

After a few different rides, I relaxed and just soaked up all her smiles. Here she is on her first ride. She's in the last car.


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