Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Art

Art Makin' has been on the back burner, recently.

The kiddo has been immersed in constant Imaginary Play and lots of Block Building. So, it's been well over a month since I busted out some Art Materials.

I realized that we should send a few Halloween cards to an Auntie who greatly appreciates them. So that's what we did this Morning, while our Bright Eyes slept.

Lots of painting with black, white and orange. I had a stash of black envelopes that I just kept handing Nye. She would paint for 30 seconds or so and say, "all done" and then I would hand her the next one.

She's sponged painted a pumpkin and worked on several watercolor paintings (wax resist...so fun with kids).

It was a nice way to spend 45 minutes or so together.

I love the white and black combo, if I have the energy, maybe we'll do some charcoal together tomorrow.

Hope you'll having fun getting ready for Halloween!



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