Monday, October 28, 2013

Del Ray Halloween Parade. 2013.


My kid's favorite part of yesterday's Halloween Parade?
Playing in the dirt.
She spent about 20 minutes total wearing both her Fruit Fly wings and her I consider it a success.
After a few Costume fails, everything came together without too much hassle.
The Sun was shining, my Sissy was visiting, there was little whining and no Giant Tantrums (even though it was Nap Time) and we got to spend a little time with friends. All-in-all a terrific time!
More on  our Costume fails and the particulars of our Costumes later. I just wanted to share a few (not spectacular) photos of our little Halloween Adventure.
Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend as well!



1 comment:

  1. That black pillow case with 6 stuffed legs and a little elastic did finally look like a spider (after my expert sewing efforts....). I love NyeNye's big eyes! Glad the weather cooperated and all had fun....


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