Monday, October 14, 2013

Rain. Yogurt. A Rat. And The Last Gasp.

It's amazing how some Sunlight can lift your Spirits. Last week, there wasn't much Sun around these parts and I was struggling through each day. It took a lot of effort to drag myself (and my two girlies) outside for some daily fresh air (in the rain). Once outside, I felt better.
Today I felt even better. With the beautiful Morning light coming through the window, I was inspired to bake with Nye-Nye. This was our 5th Yogurt Cake together. Twelve hours later, it's almost was that good.
This Afternoon, it got so hot that I dragged the pool to the front yard and Nye-Nye got to do one of her favorite things...splash around in the water. I threw in some acrylic mirrors and glass stones, along with some pipe-cleaners she had played with all Morning and it was PARTY TIME.
I am so very grateful for every ray of Sun that hit my face today. Glorious.









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