Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dancer Mobile



Here is the "Montessori Dancer Mobile" I made for Bright Eyes. I figured I might as well post photos before I take it down.

This ended up being a super-easy DIY project. I spent less than $10 on it and it took about an hour to make. The hardest part was trying to balance the mobile and have it hang properly.

I love the way it moves in the breeze and the shininess factor. It wasn't a huge hit with the baby, but that was because she didn't like spending time in her bassinet...she just wanted to be part of the action from the get go. I'm still glad I made this Mobile and can't wait to pass it on to my friends.


  • Inner Circle from a Quilting hoop
  • Fishing line wire
  • Scrapbook Pad (shiny paper)
  • Embroidery Thread



  1. Paint hoop.
  2. Cut out dancing figures. Each figure has three parts. Head. Arms. Legs. Once you have cut out one set, then flip the shapes over, trace and cut those. Each Dancer should have six parts (this was the fun part deciding if what each Dancer should be doing...leaping, arms in the air, arms down, etc...).
  3. Cut four pieces of Fishing wire, each one a different length.
  4. Lay figure shiny part down. Cover unshiny part with glue. Lay down Fishing line wire. Make a sandwich by adding the reverse body part on top. Kind of hard to explain, but if you look at a photo, you should be able to tell.
  5. Tie each Dancer to the hoop.
  6. Tie Embroidery Thread to hoop (this is the hardest part...trying to balance it properly).
  7. Tape to the ceiling (it's light enough that you don't have to worry about having to drip a hole..unless you want to )


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