Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mud and Honeysuckle, Pitted Olives and Doting Granddads


"Happiness is not a science, an art, or an outcome. It can't be quantified, procured, or consumed. It's not invented, but comes naturally made from mud and honeysuckle, pitted olives, and doting granddads who hoist you into their laps for a bumpy ride on a secondhand tractor. It's what we are when we are utterly ourselves in unaffected ease." - Karen Maezen Miller

I absolutely love this book and have been re-reading it constantly since I got it from the library. This quote is one of the author's little gems that I keep going back to daily. Small children are true master teachers. They are utterly themselves every single moment. I have so much to learn from my daughters.

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