Tuesday, June 4, 2013

250 Square Feet of Gorgeousness. Month of Beauty.

This Month's theme is Beauty. I recently stumbled across a remarkable little apartment high-lighted in Dwell. It's only 250 square feet but it looks like so much more. I think it's beautiful.

I was really struck by the light, airy loft with a built-in mini Library and Laundry Room. As someone who has a problem collecting books, I really appreciated the Library. I also think the idea of having the Laundry Room in your bedroom is absolute genius. No lugging laundry up and down stairs (or ladders).

Speaking of ladders...it's refreshing seeing a tiny space with a loft that doesn't use a ladder.

The Living Room looks like a classic NYC apartment. Obscenely tall ceilings, a Victorian mantle and tons of light from giant windows. I love how the owner has incorporated her Art Collection into the area without making the apartment feel cluttered. Delightful, right?

 For more photos check out the article in Dwell.


Photos by: David Engelhardt

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