Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Struck Down

Every member of our family has now gotten this cold that's been floating around. Even our now 6 week old!

We were really lucky with Nye-Nye because she didn't get her first cold until she was 3 or 4 months. Her first two years were surprisingly healthy (considering her rough start). This experience of having a newborn with a cold is a completely new (and scary) thing for us.

When my husband first complained of getting sick, I started giving him, myself and Nye-Nye a teaspoon of Elderberry Syrup every hour. This older post of mine explains how to make it.

The Elderberry didn't prevent any of us from getting sick, but I believe it has lessened the severity of the cold. My husband was on the mend within two days. My poor Mother didn't take any Elderberry and yesterday was a very, very rough day for her.

I also started giving Nye-Nye some home-made "onion cough syrup." Here is the post on how to make onion cough syrup.

I have been "gargling with Sage tea" which has seemed to help my sore throat. I got a Acupuncture treatment just as I was feeling the cold coming on, so I'm sure that also helped a bit.

The new baby appears to be doing okay (knock on wood), just some congestion and a little snot. Hopefully, all that Elderberry in my milk will keep her from getting much worse.

Anyway, I had another post planned, but I figured I share some of the herbal cold remedies we use in my family (just in case your family gets sick this Summer, too). Hope this helps!

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