Friday, June 28, 2013

My Birth Story Told in Photos. Part I.

Here is my Birth Story told in photos. No worries. I promised my husband, discrete photos only. No nipples, no genitalia.

Why am I sharing such a personal thing? Because, I feel like in the Media, Birth is often portrayed with much Fear and Negativity. Birth doesn't have to be a terrifying, awful experience. It can be Relaxed and Joyful.

Was this Birth fun? Nope. Did I have a Pain-free, Organismic Birth? Hell, no. But, more power to those who do. It was A LOT of hard, hard work. Having an "Un-medicated Birth" is the most physically difficult thing I have ever done. But, also one of the most Empowering.

I felt Strong. I felt Loved. And, I knew I could do it!

I have so many amazing photos taken by my talented and generous friend, Erin, that I will be breaking this up into Four parts.

And, yes, that is how I looked on the way to the Birth Center. My husband told me there were many gawkers during the drive.

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