Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Current Bucket List

Every time I start a new journal I write down a new "Bucket List."It's interesting to see how it changes every few months, depending on what is interesting me at that moment.

Here are a few things from my Current Bucket List...

1. Walk the Camino
2. Write and finish a Novel
3. Successfully complete National Novel Writing Month
4. Make a Stain-glass window
5. WWOOF on a farm
6. Learn how to make goat cheese
7. Visit India
8. Build a Herbal Spiral
9. Make a Pair of Wedding Rings with Papa Bear
10. Work my way through The 4-Hour Chef
11. Go to Burning Man
12. Spend the night in a Yurt
13. Make a Cob Oven
14. Take my girls to Prince Edward Island (after reading Anne of Green Gables to them)
15. Drive a Model T through Yosemite
16. Take a TRE Workshop
17. Take a Tintype
18. Help build a house
19. Take a class from a Cobbler and make my own shoes
20. Make a quilt
21. Become a certified Yoga Instructor
22. Visit the Buddhist Temple in Poolesville

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