Sunday, March 25, 2012

Playing Catch-Up....Happy 5 Month Birthday!

I'm beat.

This weekend was Birthday Party Preparin' Time. (There is still SO much to do in the next week...I won't bore you with the details). But, it means the only writing that happened was finishing up Lina's Book of Monthly Letters and Photos. Here is her 5th Month Letter...

To Our Darling Daughter,

You will be 5 months old in 3 days! You are our roly-poly little chatter-box.

You can sit up now for 20 minutes straight. You can go from tummy to sitting up. You practice all day long getting on all fours, lifting your head and smiling straight ahead. You look so pleased with yourself and then your head drops and you smack your face in the bed.

You are obsessed with computers and trying to type. Your Daddy got out his old laptop (one of the first ever made) and you practice on it. You love looking at tags on toys, and pillows and sheets. We call you our little “Safety Inspector.”

Every time you see someone eating you smack your lips. We have given you little tastes from several fruits. So far, you have tried watermelon, peach, mango, banana and blueberry juice.

You have a special cry for Mommy; everyone says it sounds like you are saying “mmmuuummm.” When you see Mommy, you reach your arms out for me to pick you up.

You are still going to bed around 12 am and getting up around 9:30 – 10 am. You usually take a nap at lunch time and then possibly one more nap later. We are still waiting for you to return to sleeping through the night. Please take pity on your poor tired Mommy and stop waking her up eight times a night.

Like most babies your age, you put everything in your mouth. You are continuing to teeth, although no sign of any teeth, yet. But we are very happy with that because we love seeing your toothless smile. We feel so lucky to have such a happy baby full of endless smiles.

You get so excited to see your Daddy, Dada, Dadi, Grandma and Grandpa. You have really started loving to be out in nature and observe all the green around you. We think we may have a budding scientist on our hands.

You are our sunshine and we are so very grateful for each day we share with you.

Know you are very, very loved,
Mommy and Daddy

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