Sunday, March 18, 2012

Playing Catch-up...Happy 2 Month Birthday!

I'm not going to be able to post all my catch-up letters to Lina before her First Birthday on Wed....but by the end of the month, I will have them all posted. I began my blog in October when she turned 7 months, so only months 3-6 to go!!!

To My Dearest Sunshine,
This month has flown by!!! We started this month by celebrating your first holiday…Easter. Grandma Pia enjoyed putting an Easter bunny headband on you for a photo-op – you are obviously going to be a ham because you didn’t mind it one bit.  You were content to be passed around to everyone and seemed to enjoy meeting your cousins. Before we know it, you will be joining them in the frantic race to find Easter eggs.

You have continued to sleep well this month and have even given us a few nights of eight hours of solid sleep. Thank you.  You usually fall asleep around 11:30pm-12:30 am each night and sleep next to Mommy.  We are relieved that you have now stopped having the nightmares that began after you came home from your NICU stay. It was terrifying seeing you wake up screaming in fright.  The NICU nurse I spoke to seemed to think it was impossible for you to have nightmares. But anyone who heard you could hear the terror in your voice. Thank goodness that’s over.
We are still living with Dadi and Dada in your Daddy’s child-hood home (the place you were born). You spend an hour or two each night before bedtime with Dadi and Dada playing upstairs, while Mommy and Daddy get to decompress. It’s wonderful seeing how close you are to your grandparents.

We began our adventures in cloth diapering this week (thanks to a diapering service we received as a Baby Shower present)…all of us adjusted well to this change (except Dada who  didn’t have any adjusting to do since he never changes your diaper). You are finally tolerating being in the Ergo (although you still hate the Moby wrap).
This month was very, very busy for our family. You went to Puja Auntie and Rahul Uncle’s Baby Shower, helped Mommy celebrate her first Mother’s Day (by helping Daddy make me French-toast), went to work with Daddy, hung-out with Grandma Pia while Mommy and Daddy attended Uncle Steve and Aunt Whitney’s wedding, had your first play-date, went on your first plane ride (you were a trooper), visited Aunt Jane in the hospital, played with Josie in Boston and attended Mommy’s 10 Year College Reunion from Mount Holyoke College. We both wore white for the Laurel Parade and you got and gave smiles to everyone when we walked around Mommy’s old stomping grounds.

We have done a lot of celebrating this month - most of all we are celebrating having such a healthy, curious daughter in our life. Thank you for choosing us.

Know you are very, very loved,

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