Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wellness Wednesdays: Blessed, Beautiful Silence

Whoops....here is a post that was suppose to run in November. Better late than never...

Whoever said "Silence is Golden" definitely lived in a household with children. I love hearing all the new sounds my daughter experiments with but sometimes I really do miss silence. Since the baby has been born, my mediation practice has ceased. When she is sleeping, I always have my ear cocked for her cry and have difficulty focusing.

Last week, I left with the baby with Papa Bear and took myself over to the Mindful Hands Studio in Old Town (third floor in the building pictured above). On Mondays from 7:30pm until 9 pm there is an open meditation meeting. It is 3 sets of 20 minute sitting mediation followed by 5 minutes of walking meditation. 

I've been meditating on and off since I was a teenager but I've only done so in group settings a handful of times. I was nervous. It seemed intimidating. I showed up and afterwards felt a calmness I haven't felt since Lina was born.

It's definitely for those experienced in meditation; if you are comfortable meditating and live in Old Town, do yourself a favor and check it out.

If you are interested in a more guided experience Thursdays nights might be more for you. I heard a rumor there's occasionally art-making during Thursday night sessions. Cheers to doing more Pre-Baby stuff!

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