Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playing Catch-up...Happy Month One Birthday!

I began this blog when Lina was 7 months old, so I never got around to posting those 6 other Monthly Birthday Letters to her. I am in the process of organizing my Monthly Birthday Letters and the Monthly Photos I took into a book for her 1st Birthday.  In honor of the Birthing Month, here on Catoctin Mountain Mama...this is the letter I wrote to her when she turned 1 month old...

To Our Dearest Daughter,

Happy One Month Birthday!!!! We celebrated by blowing out the candles and eating your chocolate birthday cake. Don’t worry… next year we will share. You were fascinated by the candles and seemed to tolerate our singing.
You have only been home from the NICU for less than two weeks and it’s still so hard to believe you are here! Mommy is still healing and we are still trying to figure out this breast-feeding thing. You prefer to drink Mommy’s milk from a bottle, which is okay with Mommy because nursing is still very painful for her. You had your frenulum clipped and that seemed to help a little bit (you were what they call “tongue-tied).

You have started sleeping 5-6 hours through the night and we are so thankful. Daddy swaddles you up tightly each night and walks you around (your fussy time is between 9:30 pm- 12 am). I think you are going to be a Night Owl.

You smile at bright lights and adore taking a bath with Mommy in our huge bath tub. We don’t have to worry about holding your neck very much…you are one Strong Little Girl (Mommy shouldn’t be surprised since you spent the last few months before your birth kicking Mommy CONSTANTLY).
Your eyes follow everyone around the room and you especially enjoy watching the action while sitting in your bouncy seat. The funniest thing you do is quiver your bottom lip when you get excited about something…your expressive face is something to behold.

We are so grateful for Jessica and Gwen helping us bring you into this world and we are deeply appreciative of all the lovely Nurses and Doctors who helped you heal. Most of all, we are thankful for you being a Brave Little Fighter who chose us as your parents.

Know you are very, very loved….
Mommy and Daddy

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