Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Playing Catch-Up....Happy 6 Month Birthday!

Yay....this is my last catch-up post for Lina's Book of Monthly Letters and Photos.

My Dearest Sunshine,

You are Six Months today! It’s been an Earth-Shattering Month….literally. You experienced your first Earthquake and your first Hurricane, all within four days of each other. Oh, yeah….and you started crawling on September 4th. Watch out World….here you come!

You enjoy playing footsy with Ra-Ra’s cats, feeling your silky hair with your hands, standing ALL the time, sticking out your tongue, swinging on a park swing, opening the drawers in the bathroom, drinking from a metal cup, using your long toes to grab toys, blowing raspberries, pulling yourself up by holding onto Mommy’s pants and picking up Cheerios with your pincher grip.

You are not a fan of teething (you got your first tooth this month), clothes changes, super loud places and having your diaper changed.

Last week, we went for a walk in the rain, while you were in the Ergo. You grabbed the umbrella and helped me hold it. I smiled the entire way home. I can tell you are going to be a Big Help around the house.

Your first funny mannerism was quivering your lip in excitement. You haven’t done that in months and months. A few weeks ago, Ra-Ra and I took you outside to see the cows. You shivered, shook and quivered in joy. And, then, you danced a jig. It was an amazing sight!

Thanks for always making our life interesting and keeping us on our toes. We love our Little Explorer!

Know we love you from the soles of your head to the tippy-top of your head,


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