Friday, March 9, 2012

A Review of February's Intentions

I have been writing monthly intentions for about 7 months now. Sara, over at Feeding the Soil, inspired me by her brave sharing of her monthly to-do lists.

My intentions have really helped me stay focused and have given me a sense of accomplishment during a time when daily affirmations of a job well done are pretty rare (except for those given by my Husband, my Parents and my Sister).

Let me start with the things that I ran out of time to do...Sorry, SpaWorld and the Botantical didn't happen last Month. I also didn't get a chance to take Lina swimming or take her to a musical performance. I scratched the idea of collecting bottles to make homemade soda for Lina's First Birthday Party. I also didn't get to print out a patch of recent's looking at you for that one.

So, what did I do?

I made Valentines with Lina. I designed an invitation for her First Birthday Party and helped Papa Bear secure a location.

We executed a fun Valentine's Date (An Ancient Ale Date).

I went to Mediation Class for the first time since December.

I located a Valentine's Day present for Papa Bear when I went here.

I visited my Mother and Step-father at least once.

I took the baby to a Mommy and Tot yoga class at this yoga studio.

Lina and I had two play-dates with friends from our Music Together class.

I kept up with my weekly notes in the Baby Book.

Papa Bear and I went celebrated my birthday by going to a four-day PAIRS workshop and spent more time together at night. This was accomplished by putting the baby to bed earlier.

My sister gave me the TRE video I've been wanting to own for a while (it made an awesome birthday present). And I made it to Baltimore for a visit with my beloved Sissy.

It was a good month! I can't wait to see what March begins....

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