Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birth Story Rememberances as Told by Papa Bear

Do you remember what the last few days were like while we were trying to naturally induce?

Hectic. Eventful.  Scary.  You tried the caster oil. I remember sleeping on the bathroom floor with you one night. 

What were you most surprised about during the 20 hours or so, I labored?
I was surprised how you could stay awake. I couldn’t believe it.

What do you think helped me most during my labor?
Me…being in the same room with you. Gwen’s visualizations really helped out.

What do you remember saying to me?
I love you. You’re going a great job. Drink water.

What do you remember me saying to you?
Don’t leave me. That’s it. You didn’t say much to me. You just said “I can’t do this” during the 20-30 minutes of transition.

Describe my labor in three words.
Long.  Heroic.  Intense.

Describe my delivery in three words. 
Long. Stressful.  Noisy.

At what point, did you feel like she was going to be okay?
When she finally cried after the first minute.

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