Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Turtle. Word of the Week.

Eastern Box Turtle in Florida
Eastern Box Turtle in Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Word of the Week. Turtle. We were at the Meadowlark Gardens Visitors' Center observing their resident turtle and snake, when Little Miss popped out with the world "turtle." Time to get some turtle books.

Mannerism. When she or someone around her farts, she gasps and covers her mouth. She giggles. Sometimes she covers her nose and then says "stinky." I admit, it's kinda cute.

Skill. Pulling one of the large kitchen chairs to counter to watch Mama or Daddy cook. Sometimes she pulls it to the front door to practice attempting to open the door with the keys. She used to ask "up" and I would hold her while she tried to put the key in the key-hole. Now that she's over 26 lbs, that's not happening anymore.

Our kitchen is too tiny to use a Learning Tower. Although, we should look into making of these.

Material. Buckle on her toy stroller. She tries so very hard to do the buckle (or any buckle for that matter) and gets very frustrated. Sometimes she can do it but then can't undo it. Many tears, so all buckles have been put away. I just bought a Velcro Dressing Frame and a Large Button Frame, thinking that she may be ready for them. Can't wait until they arrive and I can present them to her!

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