Monday, August 6, 2012

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten: Books 26-30

Yup, it's been a while since I posted Our List of 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten. Lots of catching up to do. So, let's start.

Here are the library books I found for a very baby-obsessed toddler.

26.  I think we may have borrowed this from the library when she was much younger. But, since she has been on her "BABY Kick" I picked it up again. I'm not crazy about the quality of the photos (they seem like of grainy and unprofessional looking).

But...the concept is decent...teaching children how to read others' facial expressions. My daughter became obsessed with and upset over the photo of a child making a "yucky" face and so I had to reassure her that the little girl wasn't hurt or upset. She just ate something she didn't like.

27. Gorgeous book. Unfortunately, my kiddo didn't seem that interested in it. I'll re-introduce later.

28.  Sweet little book. This book was a definite hit. My child LOVES looking through the pages, although she seemed disturbed by the baby with a lipstick print on his cheek.

After days of listening to "uh-oh" over and over again, I couldn't take it any longer. So, I dug through my old make-up bag and found some bright red lipstick. We sat in front of her mirror and I kissed my Worry-Wart, so she could see the baby wasn't hurt by the lipstick! Problem solved.

29. Cute book. A new favorite. Note to self....Always look through the pages first because your child DOES NOT LIKE to see ANY pen scribbles on ANY of the pages. Especially, if it's a baby's face.

30. Definitely going to have to buy this ENTIRE series. It's a fantastic book that gets home the message. For the last three weeks, it has been read every day at least ten times. Papa Bear and I are also frequently referencing this book. A Must Have for every toddler!

My daughter has FINALLY gotten into books - both looking at them by herself and having someone read them to her.  So, we have tons of books to add to this list!

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