Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Ridiculously Bad Morning and More Teething Tips

Stones on a Rocky Ocean Beach
Stones on a Rocky Ocean Beach (Photo credit: epSos.de)
Some days are so ridiculously bad, you just have to laugh. Yesterday, was one of those days.

It involved a toddler vomiting in her car-seat, a sleep-deprived Mama forgetting to pack clean diapers, mixing up appointment times, spending 45 minutes distracting a curious toddler hell-bent on exploring every button and dentistry instrument within her reach and having to pin down the curious child TWICE while her teeth were cleaned and examined. Oh, and trying not to combust with the guilt of knowing your child was walking around for an hour with a poop-filled diaper.

Luckily, the day got better. It ended with yoga and solitary walk at Dusk by the river. My daughter got to spend time with her Dada and Dadi. So, I think we are both recovered.

The good news from our ill-fated trip to the Dentist is that the Kiddo's teeth are looking good.

When asked, the Dentist suggested giving a teething toddler a toothbrush to massage her gums. She also mentioned dipping a q-tip in a warm saline mixture and putting it on the gums to help with inflammation. Saltwater = pain relief.

Awesome. More tools to help with teething!

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