Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Feel Sorry for Her.

Poor Bears. She's got a Boss Lady for a Big Sissy. Last Week marked the beginning of my girls squabbling.

The Honeymoon Period is over.

The Baby's favorite thing to do now is spy one of her Sissy's toys on the floor and crawl as fast as she can over to the toy and gleefully grab it. Nye immediately snatches the toy from out of Bears' hand and says, "my toy." This happens even if it actually is the Baby's toy.

Nye has started giving the Baby lectures on "danger." Nye's forehead becomes furrowed, she shakes her finger and her tone of voice turns very fierce. Do I look that mean when I redirect? Yikes, I hope not.

Last Thursday, Bears crawled into the Kitchen and started opening one of the cabinet drawers. Boss Lady was there in a flash and proceeded to ream her out for 2 straight minutes. Bears just laughed.

Here is a little video clip taken when Nye was telling Bears about the danger of cords. "The cords are not for YOU." I wasn't able to get a video of the actual two minute reprimand but in this video you can see the finger shake and watch Bears laugh.

I guess I should be Grateful to have a second pair of eyes watching our Little Explorer!

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