Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursdays: SpaWorld = Heavenly Bliss or at Least a Few Hours Away

What does every New Mama crave? Some time away from baby, some relaxation, maybe even a massage. SpaWorld is the answer My Friend. You get a 24 hour pass for $36... talk about a well spent $36.

Here are 10 Reasons I Love SpaWorld...

1. I can spend hours jumping in and out of steaming baths and whirlpools without worrying about another person (so very priceless at this stage in my life).

2. I can walk into a room whose floor is completely covered by tiny clay balls a foot deep. (Seriously fun, I promise).

3.  I can nap whenever I want to (napping is actually encouraged).

4. I can read uninterrupted (even a whole book, if I so desire).

5. I can suffer through a shiastu massage in order to feel so very nice afterwards.

6. I can enter an ice room after having sweated it out in a super hot room (160 degrees or so).

7. I can have the best Korean chicken wings ever (it may be defeating the whole sweating-out-the-toxics-in-the-sauna stuff but I don't care).

8. I can relax in a steam room (I've been in my share of saunas but only a few steam rooms).

9. I can feel more comfortable in my New Body as a New Mama (nothing like being naked in front of 50 or so other women, all shapes, sizes and ages to help you accept yourself).

10. I can do what I want, when I want (no following another person's schedule...aka my adorable little Napoleon).

Please do yourself a favor and jump on the SpaWorld will thank me.

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