Monday, November 21, 2011

If You Liked the King’s Speech…

And enjoy light whodunits, you'll enjoy Rhys Bowen's latest series of books. Royal Blood is the fourth installment of this series which follows Lady Georgiana Rannoch as she stumbles through life during the 1930's.
Georgie is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria and is grateful for the fact that there are thirty-three people between her and becoming Queen. She is often a visitor at the Palace, much to her non-royal sister-in-law's fury. Each book follows Georgie as she is sent on errands from the current Queen (during one adventure she is even commanded to keep an eye on Wallace Simpson and we all know how that turns out).
Who can resist a feisty heroine? I certainly can't. These books are light on gore, heavy on wit. It's a fun concept reading about an upper-class woman who was bred for a life of luxury but due to her father's gambling habits and the stock-market crash has to learn how to support herself. 
I have not jumped on the vampire band-wagon but Royal Blood  gives a nod to that genre. Georgie is asked by the Queen to represent the Royal Family at  a wedding between the Romanian Royal Family and the Bulgarian Royal Family.
The setting is a terribly Gothic castle in the middle of Transylvania, where Georgie ends up being framed for murder. Throw in an overbearing chaperon, an incompetent maid, a possible vampire and a persistent and unwanted suitor (nicknamed "Fishface") and Georgie is one busy Lady. Some tasty candy for your Inner Anglophile!

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