Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Gratitude Month: Days 14, 15 and 16

I am Thankful for...

Day 14: November 14th

1. Only living a 10 minute away from our Music Together class.
2. Smiles from Grandmothers.
3. A sleeping baby during my grocery store run.
4. The calmness of my Meditation group.
5. Taking a risk and putting myself out there (the possibility of teaching some yoga classes this winter is looking better and better).

Day 15: November 15th

1. My Grandmother being a total warrior 61 years ago and giving birth to my Mama.
2. The smile on my Mama's face when she saw her present.
3. Delicious crab cakes.
4. The sight of my cat-obsessed child chasing a 20 lb ball of fluff.
5. My parents snuggling with the baby at night, so I could get some rest.

Day 16: November

1. Finding some smooth shells to put in a Montessori Shell Basket.
2. Finding a wooden egg to borrow for a bit.
3. The sound of my Mama and my baby giggling together.
4. The sight of my step-father glowing with love while he's patiently walking the baby around the house.
5. The time to read a novel.

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