Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursdays: My Ergo Baby-Carrier

I've been fascinated by baby-wearing for years now. When my nephew was 5 months old, I babysat him and created a wrap from some fabric I had laying around. I wore him on my hip while doing the dishes; both he and I were in heaven. he's eight.

When I was pregnant, I (like most first-time mothers) did a crazy amount of research. I couldn't wait to jump into baby-wearing and when it came time to register for our baby shower, I included several wraps and slings. I added the Ergo thinking that my husband might be more willing to wear it. Our amazingly generous friends and family bought us the Ergo, a Maya Wrap Sling and TWO  Moby Wraps.

Lina was born 14 days after she was due and then spent 16 days in the NICU recovering from Meconium Aspiration Syndrome. By the time she came home, she was close to 10 lbs and not really seeming to miss being in the womb too much. She HATED the Moby Wrap and let us know that she was NOT a fan of being restricted in anyway. My dreams of wearing her in the Moby all the time....went out the window.

We bought an infant insert for the Ergo, which she tolerated. Everyone always commented on her neck control and by 9 weeks or so, she was in the sling sitting on my hip. She soon graduated to being worn in the Ergo without the insert and then it was off-to-the-Races for us. She is now in the Ergo several times a day; we are both big Ergo addicts.

Here are some Reasons....

1. It has awesome back-support.

2. There is a big pocket (for a diaper, my keys, phone, and wallet).

3. It is easy to put on by yourself.

4. Both my husband and I can use it.

5. It can be worn on the back for those toddler years.

6. Both the baby and I get in more snuggling time.

7. I don't have to push the stroller in and out of stores.

8. We both stay warmer during our daily walks as the winter approaches.

I was so surprised because I thought the Ergo would be my husband's thing. A good, early lesson in motherhood...babies are all different and never make assumptions about how your child is going to react to something!

I love these folks. Go to a meeting with your newborn and check out a million different carriers for free! Spend $30 on a yearly membership and take some carriers home to test-drive for awhile. What a brilliant idea!

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