Monday, November 14, 2011

The Gratitude Month: Days Twelve and Thirteen

I am Thankful for....

Day Twelve: November 12th

1. Papa Bear taking the baby on their weekly Saturday morning walk, so I can sleep in.
2. Feeling a touch stylish by buying my first non-maternity jeans in ages.
3. My Grandmother buying well-made clothes during the '60's (I wore one of her jackets to an engagement party and it made me feel a lot classier).
4. The chance to talk to friends in a real-live adult bar (thanks to my lovely in-laws who watched our Little Monkey).
5. Having risotto fritters for the first time.

Me in the Fall of '79

Day Thirteen: November 13th

1. Having a partner that listens.
2. Having the time to start brain-storming Christmas presents.
3. Smiles from my Happy Camper when she came home.
4. Warmish weather (good for a nice night walk with my two Loves).
5. Nursing and cuddles time (good for Brain-storming and Idea Making).

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