Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Cow, the Farmer and Some Tiramisu: Happy Halloween!

It's been a rough day with Lina still battling her first cold on top of teething unhappiness. We couldn't go to her Music Together class because her cough is the kind that produces immediate stink-eyes from other parents. We stayed indoors until 3:30 pm. Neither of us could take it any longer, so we busted out of jail and went for a walk in the sunshine. Both of our moods improved after that and we ended up having a wonderful first Halloween together as a trio.

She was her favorite animal....a cow and I was her faithful farmer. My mother had fancied up our little red wagon for the Del Ray Halloween Parade yesterday. But, she was in a "Mommy-Must-Carry-Me" Mood. I popped her in the Ergo and tied a cow-bell and ribbon to the front of it and off we went with Papa Bear carrying our metal milk jug (aka the candy bag).

We wandered down King Street until we stumbled onto an entire street blocked off for Trick-or-Treaters. The baby took her evening nap during most of the walk but Papa Bear and I had fun being able to peek into all the lovely homes. We played "What House Would We Buy If We Won the Lottery."

Our candy stash was embarrassingly small which meant we were required to stop somewhere for dessert. Luckily, la Madeleine was still open. I savored my fruit tart, Papa Bear had some tiramisu and the baby crawled around in her cow suit. It was perfect. I can't wait until next Halloween!

More details coming on the Del Ray Halloween Parade and all the inspiring costumes the baby and I drooled over!

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