Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Gratitude Month: Days 20 and 21

I am Thankful for...

Day 20

1. Good times at the playground!
2. A yummy time at the Pita House.
3. One present down...
4. Getting started on my Mama's gift.
5. Having a migraine that didn't make me throw up (migraine trigger of lack of sleep + baby still waiting up 5 times a night = more frequent migraines than before the baby).

Day 21

1. Finishing the design for our Christmas Card (Ritz Photo rocks).
2. Finding some interesting balls to add to Lina's Montessori Ball Basket.
3. Having the time to switch out Lina's toys (I try to rotate everything every twice a week, so things are always fresh and interesting for her).
4. The sight of my daughter walking across our living room with my grandmother's sash draped across her shoulders (she looked so proud of herself).
5. Writing some lists and checking them twice.

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