Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Gratitude Month: Days Four and Five

I am Thankful for...

Day Four: November 4th

1. Waking up next to my favorite baby and my favorite cat. (Sadly, my cat is now residing with my parents and I only get to see him when visiting them).

2. Finding my beloved and missing scarf at my mother's house. (I got it in college and haven't seen it for at least five or so years).

3. Driving home through sunshine, silence and gorgeous leaves.

4. Being able to sit at the bar and have a leisurely dinner with my husband.

5. Losing myself in the music at the Baltimore Afro-beats show in Baltimore and introducing my sister and husband to the Afro-Beats Experience.

Day Five: November 5th

1. Sleeping for 6 straight hours without interruption (such Bliss right now).

2. Devouring the Goodness of Chicken Rico in Baltimore.

3. Not having to drive from my sister's house to my mother's house and then from my mother's house to our house. (Thanks Papa Bear!)

4. Seeing my Sweet Pea after being apart for 24 hours and noticing that she grew during those hours.

5. Watching my step-father play with my daughter and seeing how much fun they have together.

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