Sunday, November 13, 2011

Del Ray Halloween Parade: Some Serious Costume Inspiration

Better late than never, eh? Here is my post on Del Ray's Halloween Parade.

The weather was gorgeous, the baby cooperated and I was blown over by all the creative costumes. Thank God for my Mama and her spicing up her grand-baby's costume and wagon. I feel sad that I didn't have anything to do with my daughter's Halloween get-up this year but that's motherhood for you. Expectations run smack into Reality and sometimes don't get met. But I have lots of inspiration for the next few years.

Here are My Top Family Halloween Costume Themes...

1. Gotham City (Lots of super-heroes and a cityscape coming out of the wagon)

2. Bakers and Cake (I think you can figure that one out)

3. Hot-dog Stand (Stroller was a picnic table, Mom was a cashier, Grandmother was a bottle of mustard, Dog was a hot dog with relish and the baby was a hot dog without relish)

4. Lily Pad (Stroller was a two-level pond, on the top level perched the baby dressed as a frog, second level was the actual stroller seats, where the family dog sat dressed as a dragon-fly. Mama was a pond fairy and Daddy and Big Sis were frogs)  

5. Tooth-fairy (Stroller was made to look like a pillow, baby was the "tooth", Big Sis the Tooth fairy and the parents were giant teeth)

6. Firetruck (Sitting in the wagon was the "fireman" and a large apartment building that had tissue-paper fire coming out of the windows)

7. Santa's Sleigh (Santa was the preschooler, the parents were elves and the stroller was an elaborate sleigh bursting with presents)

8. Peter Pan (Lots of variations on this one but I saw a handful of strollers decked out like tepees)

Other Interesting ideas included....

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Three Amigos and a handmade Peacock costume for a preschooler that included a beautifully painted cardboard tail

The stroller that stole the show wasn't technically a stroller. It was a massive wagon that sat at least 10 babies who were all dressed up as baby chicks. The wagon was decorated to look like an egg carton and had a sigh that read "Just Hatched." Pure Adorableness.

This parade is definitely worthy of becoming a beloved family tradition. Hope to see you there next year!

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